Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So sorry for the late update. Ethan started day care this week and although it’s an amazing place and the gal that runs it is outstanding, it’s still a little stressful for momma not to have him at the house. I miss him. The diet is going pretty good. I did weigh the other day and the scale said 216! I really think it helped to not weigh and of course increase my water consumption.
My husband has been making dinner some of the nights and he makes sure to use the low carb pasta and tries to stay within the guidelines, it’s not easy for a guy who if anything needs to gain about 15 pounds!
I have been going to Water Zumba at the Y on Thursdays and that’s a lot of fun, but one day a week isn’t cutting it I need to find a time in my schedule to fit in some type of exercise. It’s perpetually raining in Grays Harbor so walking isn’t an option with the baby. Of course I have the Y membership but I have Ethan in day care all day 8 to 5 and the last thing I want to do is take him to the Y day care as soon as we get home. My thought is that on my lunch hour from 12 to 1 I will have to find some way to incorporate exercise. I did buy a DDP yoga DVD for people who have extra weight and I have wanted to try that, so that may be what I do. I can’t wait for this rain to let up so I can take Ethan for walks in the evening but I think we have a good 3 months before that happens!
My goal this last week since he started day care was to use my lunches to get this house in order for when I go back to working at the office. It’s a challenge keeping everything clean and tidy when all you want to do when you get a chance is sleep or veg in front of the TV, but it’s really important that I de clutter it’s starting to affect me. I think all this “stuff” everywhere makes me eat more. I look around and it drives me crazy and what do I do I eat. So part of my goal with the de-cluttering is to see if it has a positive effect on my diet. I keep thinking if I wasn’t always so overwhelmed I would have more energy to focus on the diet. Can anyone relate?!
Shane and I signed up for what they call the Dirty Dash, it’s a run and obstacle course with lots and lots of mud. It sounds really fun, and I’m glad we signed up early so there is no getting out of it, but it’s a 4 mile run, so I’m hoping that I’m ready for it! I’m excited.
On March first I will be returning to the office and no longer able to work from home, the advantage of this is that there is a workout room for the employees and you can use this on your lunch and at breaks! I think this will be great for me!
Well hope everyone is doing well and here is to another week of eating healthy and thinking thin!