Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ok, so this last couple of weeks has been a challenge for me, and I have decided to make a few small changes. First I need to stop weighing. Every time I weigh it is so disappointing that no matter how I feel, I get discouraged. I may not lose weight but I swear my tummy is smaller and I have more energy. I actually went on line and researched some other diets to see if they were going to help get that scale down. I’m so desperate for the scale to go down that I have started ignoring the positive health benefits that eating low sugar, low carb will have on my life. The second change is water. I say that I drink water, but one bottle of water is not going to do it. I need to be drinking a lot more water, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I have sabotaged my weight lose by not drinking enough water in the last month. It’s such a simple fix but getting myself to do it is a little less simple! I really want to be successful, and I want to see results, but I’m making myself crazy with my obsession with the scale. So scale is out, water intake is up, and I feel renewed and empowered to start this week with a good attitude. I even made some egg muffins and put them in the fridge for breakfasts, I used bacon, eggs, cheese and seasoning, and put them in muffin tins and baked them at 350 for 20 minutes. They come out like little muffins and can either be reheated or eaten cold. The key to this diet is having things that are on hand to eat. When I start searching the kitchen for something to eat, and nothing sounds good you have to have options. 
Well guys I’m excited to let you know next week how I am feeling and all the new recipes I will be trying. By the way, sometimes I will just snap a picture of my meal and upload it because If I don’t I will forget to upload it, so that’s my reasoning for the random food pictures!! Here’s to thinking thin!


  1. See this is why the blogs are so important. We help each other and share tips and healthy recipes. You can do it - just need to find your footing. :-)

  2. My tip for water would be to have a 8 oz glass in the bathroom, and every time you go, fill it with water and drink it down. I LOVE water and drink it all day long, but some people just find it really hard to do.
    I saw your blog on Rosalie's page and thought I would offer you some encouragement:)

  3. I did a post on water awhile back and told about how I put 4 rubber bands around my water bottle. Each time I drank one bottle, I pushed a band to the bottom. It's a good reminder of how much you drank or need to drink. Also some slices of cucumber,lemon, limes or oranges give it a nice refreshing taste. Lastly, I drink more and faster when I use a straw. Hope this helps with the water consumption!